The “Stop Buggin” PestPractice Blog

April 3, 2020

or being in the pest control industry for many years, I have yet to master thinking like a bug. Although I am very good at it and constantly honing my pest control skills, one can only lean on education and exprience. At the end of the day this may be the unattainable journey of a pest control geek but it never crosses my mind to stop. In my blog we will navigate the world of bugs, rodents, public health, and basic life functions that are effected by unwanted pests. I will answer questions and we will share stories of humor and horror. SO LETS GO!!!!

History tells us that the need for pest control dates back thousands of years. In fact as far back as 2500 BC ancient Egyptians used sulfur compounds to control insects in and around living spaces.This is the earliest record of pest control. The intrigue of control methods led the Chinese to experiment with oils and herbs, also BC. That brings us to the present.

Science and methodology have greatly improved pest control material, thought, and methods. Moreover PC (Pest Control) has been directly associated with inhanced quality of life. Studies have shown that PC (Pest Control) is one of three major factors in public health and life expectancy. Medicine, sanitation practices, and pest control make up that list of 3. Of the list only PC is married to Medicine and Sanitation Practices. This is not the case for the other rwo. PC is a practice that is required in all aspects of the health and medical world. When we talk about sanitation, PC protects living spaces and prevents disease and other health issues with our supply chain. There are many aspects of PC and all of them very important in keeping our properties, loved ones, food supplies, and our sanity safe. With all that has unfolded in the world in the past couple weeks, tomorrow we will dive directly into Sanitation.

Hope to hear from you all on this journey, until tomorrow STOP BUGGIN.