Across the U.S., there are numerous types of termites, including subterranean, drywood and dampwood termites. They cause more than $5 billion in damage annually and can cost homeowners an average of $8,184 in treatments and damage repairs. All types are a serious threat and require a different type of treatment strategy.

How Termites Damage The Structure?

According to Orkin each year $1-2 billion dollars in structural damage which includes floors, wall studs, attics, ceilings foundations, etc. this damage cost is not covered by home insurance, so all the burden lifted by homeowners.

Common signs of structural damage of termites are:
• Crack or small holes in the walls
• Cracked or peeled paint on the walls
• Wood damage and hollow wood sound
• Mud tubes on the walls
• Rusty surface around affected areas
• Sagging ceilings and floors
• Presence of small white wings around the place of infestation

Their symptoms show much later than the original damage, that’s why pest professional says prevention is only the solution then. If infestation starts it only be worsened if not mitigate timely.

Damage also categorized by types of termites attacking the structure, according to professional Formosan termites are more destructive than Subterranean termites, former one have the ability to completely damage you structure within six month because every termite consume three times its body weight and God knows how many millions are there underground.

So preventive measures have significant control than curative measures.