Q. Why do I need ongoing Pest Control Service?

A. Safety and Piece of Mind. When Pest Control is not an absolute must it generally is not a thought. As the seasons change pest pressure increases and this pressure can cause health issues sometimes severe. Many pests have been proven to cause health problems such as asthma, West Nile, and allergic reactions to name a few. With an ongoing pest control plan, you can drastically reduce these risks. Another reason is no one wants to see and ant or a roach run across the dinner table especially if you are hosting. Pest Control is designed to be a preventative service as well. PestPractice will stop a problem before it happens. Moreover, our Pest Control professional will build a plan to your needs that will keep you and your family safe.

Q. What if I have a problem between services?

A. PestPractice stands behind our work. If there is an issue with the service or if the service was not effective, we will return for free to retreat or to reevaluate the plan. We are %100 focused on our customer service.

Q. Can’t I just do it myself?

A. Absolutely! The real question is, Can I do it myself and be effective? We get this question quite a bit and the answer never changes. A Pest Control professional is focused on long term results. Once a situation is identified and a service plan is implemented part of the plan is not having the issue reemerge. Our Pest Control Professional is trained and educated in application methods and techniques that are focused on the issue. If it happened once there is a good possibility it will happen again. Also, there is a risk in using any type of insecticide and DIY is usually not the safest or most effective.