April 19, 2020

Have anyone seen the news today about Dadosour? Its a great clip and feel good story. It shows the resilience of us and the nature of humans. Finding ways to keep occupied with family during trying times. The family plays a game where a trigger word is used to set Dadosour in motion. Everyone else in the family has trigger words as well to but dad goes above and beyond acting like a dinosaur. He drops what ever he is doing and immediately turns into his character. Among many other things he does he pulls garbage out of trash cans, smashes table food into his face, and cuddles up to his wife. She, at times, is very mad but a big smile gradually crosses her face. As a pest control guy all I can think is, look at all of the food on the floor. The bugs are going to have a field day, lol. Watching the clip mom does a great job of cleaning.

If any of you all have ways to stay occupied while quarantining let the readers know. Any thoughtful help is greatly appreciated. I like to play Statue Man, see which one of my kids can sit and say or do nothing for the longest. This game does not go over real well, and the kids conspire to move and talk at the same time. So as it goes dad is the ultimate looser. With that being said stay safe my friends and until “nest time” Stop Buggin.

Daddy Longlegger