About Us

PestPractice is an Advanced Pest Control and Decontamination company located in Northeast PA. We are a group of dedicated professionals providing safety in solutions. With more than 20 years of combined experience in Pest Control and Decontamination services, we built a culture of envy. PestPractice will use the power of science and ever evolving application methods to safely bring issues to resolution. We are dedicated to our communities and have had a great response to our mission. Outgrowing our original Dunmore branch in 14 short months we soon had to open a second branch in Milford expanding our services into New Jersey. Our reputation for quality services and safety in resolution has been the driving force behind our growth. That was on full display this fall when CNN and the Joe Biden Townhall reps called PestPractice to keep their event safe. Moreover, the PestPractice team is highly educated and motivate to be the best Pest Control brand in the Northeast. All our team members spend countless hours volunteering their time, whether it be youth programs, assisting food drives or community services PestPractice feels it is important to give back.